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Holiday specials

Activities for the March Holidays

Special offer for holiday workshops!

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Mini Garden

Woodworking and gardening comes together in one workshop! Design a garden as you please. Tips on cultivating plants included!


Wooden Toy Airplane

Set your imagination and let it soar as you design and make your own unique plane toy.


Wooden Keychain Creature

A 1-hr introduction to wood working, especially for young children. This workshop is a woodworking version of Montessori building blocks in the construction of your unique keychain creature.


Copper Lamp

A charming vintage lamp to warm up any interior. Learn how to cut copper pipes and pick up some basics on electrical wiring! 


Wooden Stationery Holder

Build this useful stationery holder with the woodworking skills you will pick up during the workshop. 

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Robots and Monsters

Your imagination leads you as you design and make a fantasy creature with this fun, whacky and open-ended workshop for kids.



4 Wheelie Wooden Stool

This 6-hour workshop is held in two 3-hour sessions. The workshop builds a 4 caster wheel stool with a cushioned seat, children can also create a design or personalise on the wooden surface! 


Challenge accepted?

Tuesday, 21st March & 28th March 2023

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WhyteLabs and SalttWorkshop have teamed up to bring you a workshop to experience the fundamentals of programming and woodworking.

Crafting with code:
Smart Coinbox

Whatsapp to enquire

Duration: 6 hours (+ 1 hour lunch break included)

In this two-part workshop, students learn how to programme a sequence and build a coinbox that lights up every time a coin goes in.

Things to do this March holiday! Get inspired, experience something new, get out of the classroom, and learn in a different way!  Enjoy a special holiday discount by checking out with the promo code!

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Agora Co-learning

A collab with Agora, we have a 3 day camp lined up with special 2-project workshops.

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Mindful Space

A collab with Mindful Space at Newton or Changi, we have a family woodworking session there!

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Woodworking for kids

For a combination of reasons, woodwork is a powerful medium for building self-esteem and confidence. Children feel empowered and valued by being trusted as they take responsibility to work with real tools. Watch your child grow in their self-confidence and patience with woodworking workshops.


Looking for something more? We have weekly sessions for kids to learn and engage in all kinds of new learning experiences in a productive way.

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