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Functional woodworking - 2 project workshop

Functional woodworking - 2 project workshop

Woodworking is a wonderful way to develop character. There are 2 projects during the 3 hour woodworking workshop, your child will be making a wooden stationery holder and finishing off the afternoon with a tool caddy project. Each project begins by dry fitting the pieces - putting together a real-world three dimensional puzzle that you can feel in your hands stimulates important areas of the brain that deal with memory and cognitive function. Participants then build their object and finish off with sanding and personalising their piece.

    Recommended age: 6 and above.
    Children under 6 years must be parent accompanied.

    Workshop duration: 3.5 hours

    Additional details:

    Children are encouraged to take breaks throughout the session. Do pack your own snacks if you need it. We have Milo & Ribena for you!

    Attire: Please wear closed-toe shoes to the venue. Dress comfortably. No loose or flowy clothing.

    No use of power tools for the safety of the children.

    All personal PPE (personal protective equipment) will be provided


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