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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

SALTTWORKSHOP + JR is a space of enablement and fun where children are given the opportunity to tinker with a variety of materials. Explore a world of possibilities to create, discover, learn and build their confidence. Practical skills that are necessary for lifelong learning.

The Process

The outcomes will take care of itself

Through Woodworking projects, children will embark on a hands on creative journey to broaden their minds about how things come together. Little ones will be engage in concept creation, work with natural materials, combine hardware, be Introduced and taught how use hand tools in a controlled risk environment and gain awareness of tool ethics, consideration for others and sustainability through upcycling. The programs are designed to stimulate critical thinking in young minds, providing students with experiences and skills that are useful for everyday life and sets a foundation towards STEAM thinking.

Workshop Facilitator


Royston Phang

Founder & Lead Facilitator

Maker | Educator | Industrial designer | UX practitioner

Founder of SALTTWORKSHOP + JR . Industrial designer with 11 years of product design experience. Ex Electrolux. Freelance design consultant Tech startups, bridging design and technology for a better tomorrow. UX practitioner.

He believes in experimental hands-on learning–having fun, being curious and making mistakes during the crafting process is an essential part of the learning journey. As an educator, he focuses on the process, not the outcome. Engaging in inquiry practices as a teaching method, guide and shape creative and independent minds.

Adjunct lecturer at NAFA teaching students on the basics of 3D forms and Rapid Prototyping methods, challenging their thinking to materialize their ideas into physical prototypes with machines. An advocate for parent child bonding through crafts activities.


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Workshop Facilitator


Eveline Aathar

Creative Lead, Lead Facilitator & Education Manager

Maker | Educator | Industrial designer | Graphic Designer

A creative, a designer, an artist; working with perspective from a product design point of view. With over 9 years in the industry, Eveline has developed an incredible sense of flexibility and has amassed many skills that enable her to wear many hats.


As an intuitive educator, she believes in teaching meaningfully, relying on subjective intentionality to guide while focusing on the process of learning - not the outcome. Specialising in planning curriculum and overseeing the approach to instruction that is being provided. She has an engaging classroom presence, values real-world learning, and is an advocate for alternative education.

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