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Woodworking workshops for kids

Saltt Workshop +JR specalises in woodworking workshops for children. We are a space of enablement and fun where children explore a world of possibilities to create, discover, learn and build their confidence. 

A powerful medium for building self-esteem and creative thinkers

Working with a natural material like wood creates a very different experience for kids to explore creative thinking and problem solving. They learn how to work with their hands using real tools to hammer and saw; coordinating and combining different shapes to create a unique product. 

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Same brief, different outcome.

Every child thinks and learns differently.
At Saltt workshop, your child is the master of the
learning experience by exploring, experimenting
and reflecting on their unique experiences.

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develop unique
& agile minds

We focus on the process, not the outcome.


Most of the kids’ activities today are directed towards a similar finished result / product which removes the creative thinking process and requires repetition to perfect the solution, taking away the fun of learning. Instead we help our children succeed with creativity, innovation and problem solving by creating different solutions with similar materials and functions.

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Wood working by age:

The workshops aim to engage a child's imagination while imparting basic life skills. The open-ended nature of the sessions permit children to explore their own assumptions, make mistakes and harness their own problem-solving skills to make corrections. 

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Children below the age of 7 are given the opportunity to construct a product with undeveloped pieces of wood in an encouraging environment. They are able to investigate natural materials and expand imaginative capacities. The woodworking lessons are designed at a suitable level for them; enabling them to be independent while improving their fine motor-skills and hand-eye coordination.

5 - 7 years
7 - 9 years

At this stage, children develop the heart through imagination. Woodwork enhances creativity and provides a platform design and build unique projects, giving them a sense of ownership and pride in their work. The access to material and tools bring out the creative forces of these young individuals.

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9 - 12 years
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Pre-teens benefit especially by builds confidence and self-esteem. Completing woodworking projects successfully instills a sense of accomplishment in children, boosting their self-confidence and encouraging them to take on more complex tasks. Woodworking provides a gentle affirmation of their abilities and provides a sense of achievement.

12 - 14 years

During adolescence, woodworking calms the mind and creates a discipline to finish a task started. At this stage, teenagers are granted access to power tools and guidance on finishing a project.Teaches patience and perseverance: Woodworking is a patient craft, requiring time and effort to see a project through to completion. Children learn to be patient and persistent in achieving their goals.

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