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🌟 Unleash Your Child's Creativity! 🌟

STEAM Maker Kit for Kids!

Embark on a woodworking adventure with your little one.

This kit is designed for ages 6 and up and is the perfect blend of fun, education, and hands-on creativity. Please note that parental guidance is recommended for an optimal crafting experience.


What's Inside: 

  • Detailed instruction booklet
  • All required materials
  • Safety goggles


Creature Keychain Maker Kit (BASE)
This Creature Keychain Makerkit comes complete with a variety of tools, parts, and materials needed for your child's woodworking projects. From wooden pieces to child-friendly tools, each component is carefully selected to enhance your child's crafting experience. Let their creativity run wild as they design and make.


Tool Caddy Maker Kit: (EXPANSION)

An add-on to the basic kit, advanced project: Build a tool caddy at home.

Perfect for those ready to tackle a challenge independently. Involve all senses and thinking skills and follow the detailed instructions to build your own tool caddy! Like lego but cooler.


Educational and Entertaining: Beyond the joy of creating something with their own hands, this maker kit provides valuable lessons in fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving. As your child brings their creature to life, they'll be introduced to the exciting world of woodworking, fostering a love for craftsmanship and creativity.

Maker Kit for Kids!

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  • By purchasing this Creature Keychain Makerkit, you acknowledge that the contents require responsible handling. Saltt Workshop assumes no responsibility for the misuse of our products. We've put in every effort to ensure the accuracy of information both on our website and in the accompanying booklet, but please be aware that Saltt Workshop is not liable for any errors.

    Please remember to read the instructions carefully, provide necessary supervision, and enjoy the magical moments of creativity with your child.

  • We understand the importance of safety, and that's why we want to emphasize the responsibility of the supervising adult in ensuring age appropriateness and correct usage of the contents of this kit. Our maker kits may contain small parts that could pose a choking hazard for young children, especially those aged 4 and under. Therefore, close supervision by a responsible adult is absolutely essential.