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Nov/Dec Workshops for Children Age 7-9 Years Old

Our woodworking workshops for young children are creative and educational experiences designed to introduce kids to the art of woodworking in a safe and age-appropriate manner.

Workshops for this age group are held at Agora Co-Learning Centre in HarbourFront Centre. 


Nov/Dec Workshops for Tweens

Woodworking workshops for tweens introduce more complex and challenging projects. These workshops are designed to cater to the growing abilities and interests of tweens, providing them with a deeper understanding of woodworking techniques and fostering a greater sense of creativity and independence.


Nov/ Dec Workshops for Teens

Teens are introduced to a wider range of tools, including power tools like routers and bandsaws. They are given freedom and space to develop their projects in any way their abilities allow. 


Fully booked till next year!

Retro Arcade Machine workshop

A woodworking and electronics workshop where you make your own fully playable vintage arcade machine.

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