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Saltt Workshop is a space of enablement and discovery, where children and teens can pick up new skills and challenge themselves.

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For ages 10-14 yo
8 WK Program
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The workshops aim to engage a child's imagination while imparting basic life skills. The open-ended nature of the sessions permit children to explore their own assumptions, make mistakes and harness their own problem-solving skills to make corrections. 

Ages 4-7

Children below the age of 7 are given the opportunity to construct a product with undeveloped pieces of wood in an encouraging environment. They are able to investigate natural materials and expand imaginative capacities. The woodworking lessons are designed at a suitable level for them; enabling them to be independent while improving their fine motor-skills and hand-eye coordination.

Ages 7-14

At this stage, children develop the heart through imagination. The access to material and tools bring out the creative forces of these young individuals. Woodworking provides a gentle affirmation of their abilities and provides a sense of achievement.

Ages 14 to 21

During adolescence, woodworking calms the mind and creates a discipline to finish a task started. At this stage, teenagers are granted access to power tools and guidance on finishing a project. 

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1) Creative Thinking - our lessons are structured in such a way where kids can learn the necessary skills to finish a product. In addition, they are given the space to freestyle with wood, letting their imagination and creativity flow.

2) Coordination - we encourage kids to turn their 2D drawings into 3D. As they build, they are using their hands in new and exciting ways. Their hand-eye coordination is being activated in the process.

3) Concentration - Following instructions, joining the wood pieces and touching up the final product’s appearance all takes focus. Involvement in such projects can help improve the concentration in children who have short attention span.

4) Confidence - When your child is exposed to a wide range of projects which they follow through to completion, your child achieves a sense of accomplishment. This drives a belief in self.

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